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Zinc Electroplating

Zinc Plating involves the Electrolytic application of Zinc by immersing clean steel parts in a Zinc Salt Solution and applying an Electric Current, this process applies the layer of pure Zinctha.

For long life corrosion protection the most important point is the thickness of the Zinc Layer – 8 to 12 microns as applied to Roof Extenda Products.

Trials conducted at a Melbourne beach and exposure tests on driven stakes with this specification show the above ground coating to still be intact after 20 years.

Excellent Plating Works which undertakes our Zinc Electroplating have a quality assurance system in place which is designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Standards – AS/NZS/ISO 9001:2000

Of course, there are a small number of highly corrosive areas around the Country whereby galvanizing would provide longer protection due to the greater thickness of Zinc. However, highly corrosive situations cannot be guarded against for any reasonable period, no matter what the coating.

If a highly corrosive area is a concern, there are available Galvanized Paints which can be sprayed or painted onto the exposed Bracket over the existing Zinc Electroplating. We strongly suggest that if the brackets are in a highly corrosive area a minimum annual maintenance is necessary.

(For more information, please visit the Excellent Plating Works website).