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Shade Sail Anchor Installation Details

Note: Note: prior to erection of the Shade Sail check if a building approval from the Local Council or Shire is required as regulations vary from area to area.

  • Remove roofing tiles or lift sheet roofing from the area where Anchor is to be fitted.
  • Bolt the section with steel rod and the backing plate to the rafter using 2-M12 bolts. Secure both brackets to the top plate with 2-M10 coach screws to each bracket. (Refer to drawing.)
  • Replace tiles or roof sheet cutting a hole to allow the steel rod to penetrate the roof.
  • The Weather Seal is then threaded over the steel rod and moved down to be formed to suit the profile of the roofing. Mark the Weather Seal position on the roofing. Slide the Weather Seal up to apply neutral cure silicone to the area marked, press the Weather Seal into position and finish with a bead of silicone to the edges of the Weather Seal to complete the fitting.

The instructions for the Shade Sail Anchor are available in downloadable PDF format below:

Anchor Installation (686kb)